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Bob Barr for president?

When I heard that Barr was making a run for President under the Libertarian banner, I got a good laugh over such a joke.

But it’s not a joke, oddly. And it proves that the Libertarian Party will always be a joke.  

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Don’t know if it’s good or bad

I was just reading a snippet that a author wrote and discover an odd rating:

DLP rating: Kinsfire

Now, knowing what the DLP’ers think of me, I don’t know whether this is a compliment or not. Given the death, destruction, and eviserations in that snippet, I’m thinking not.

It’s not the first time the guy has fired a shot across my bow. Personally, I can live without worrying about him.

Still, it’s an interesting rating…*laugh*

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We’re back

Yes, after the catastrophic loss of the hard drive that held ALL my databases (which I hadn’t backed up), I’ve gotten most of them at least visible on the web once more. Lost all those previous entries, but that’s life. But at least I’m back up and running. Hope to be posting more stuff soon.

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