Bob Barr for president?

When I heard that Barr was making a run for President under the Libertarian banner, I got a good laugh over such a joke.

But it’s not a joke, oddly. And it proves that the Libertarian Party will always be a joke.  

Why will thay always be a joke? Do you remember one of the ways that Barr has made himself famous?

That’s right – wanting to ban the practice of Wicca in the military, because it’s not a real religion like his Christianity is. He also authored the Defense of Marriage Act, I believe, yet another way of reducing the freedoms of the average citizen.

But the Libertarian Party is too damned stupid to realize that they’re worst candidate is Barr.

The only good thing about him running is that he might yank votes from McCain.

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  1. To , I have been voting in every elteicon since I was 21(I’m 63 now)And every elteicon,I ask myself,which of these two people aregoing to hurt me the least? I know that each will hurt me(when Isay me,I mean my country). Now for the first time ,I see a candidate that could help my country and I hear he is dropping out of the race,for the presidency of the USA??!! Well sir,my heritage will not permit me NOT to vote,but myconscience will not permit me to vote for the rebublican orthe democratic parties candidate. So congressman Paul,in all good fiath and conscientiousness,I’m writing in your name,and voting for you.YES,this will probablybe a wasted vote,but what the hell,everything else in this landis being wasted,including the best man for the presidency of theseUSA .Third party endorsement won’t do,commitment will. L.E.Peachey NJ patriot (for God and country)

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