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Updating for the sake of updating

Just trying to remind myself that I have this blog, and that I am likely to use it more if I remember that it is here.

Actually, I just remembered something that my wife told me about, and I want to locate the story. What I find interesting is that if you look at the sources, you can find the lie about the LIBERAL media.

Do a Google search for “Jim D. Adkisson” and look at the articles. Make sure that you compare the AP reports with the reports in the Guardian (a UK paper) and Huffington Post. Those last two give information that the mainstream news media doesn’t want you to have.

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Amazing what will drive someone crazy

I’m sitting here at work, and my co-worker has a habit that drives me crazy. It infuriates me. And it’s stupid that it annoys me, but it does.

He sucks his index finger.
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Best wishes for a brother …

… in all but blood.

A very good friend of mine, who goes by the nom du plume of Beau Wolff, is going in for surgery. He reacts badly to anaesthetics, and it’s not an easy surgery.

We met in person (in this life, I suspect) at a convention where a number of other online friends were visiting as well, and we all got to meet for the first time in RL. With all the others (including the guy from Germany) it was “Great to finally meet you!”

When I met Beau, it was “Hello again.” We’d never met before in this life, but both of us knew each other somehow. Technical Difficulties performed a song that had a line that sums up the feeling perfectly – “There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met”

There’s not been the contact between us recently that I’d like, for various reasons (almost all of the fault being mine). And now I find out that a man who might well be my brother in soul might not survive this surgery. He’ll post on Monday or Tuesday if he makes it.

I’m gonna be a wreck for the next few days, I suspect. Either that or doing everything I can to ignore the looming worry.

Beau, if you read this, know that I love you, man.

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I’ve started working with pictures again

For those who read this and have known me for over a decade, you might remember that I used to draw quite a bit. That went by the wayside for years while I picked up writing.

Well, I’ve started doing something with artwork again.

Right now I’m getting used to the feel of the Wacom Bamboo tablet, which very nicely works off USB and also works under Ubuntu, after some careful tweaking. I’m taking some line art that I’ve seen and coloring it, learning how to use GIMP, and maybe a couple other of the programs out there. (Hey, if you can do pro quality work with a free program, then I’m all for free, man.)

I’ve got a DeviantArt account at I’m using other people’s work, and admitting it in the write-up of every one. If an artist wants my version pulled, then I’ll gladly do so.

But it feels good to be doing art of any sort again.


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Sorry for the delay

I’ve been working at getting this server back into shape – and I still have the email problem.

I’m getting there, though.

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