I’ve started working with pictures again

For those who read this and have known me for over a decade, you might remember that I used to draw quite a bit. That went by the wayside for years while I picked up writing.

Well, I’ve started doing something with artwork again.

Right now I’m getting used to the feel of the Wacom Bamboo tablet, which very nicely works off USB and also works under Ubuntu, after some careful tweaking. I’m taking some line art that I’ve seen and coloring it, learning how to use GIMP, and maybe a couple other of the programs out there. (Hey, if you can do pro quality work with a free program, then I’m all for free, man.)

I’ve got a DeviantArt account at http://kinsfire.deviantart.com/ I’m using other people’s work, and admitting it in the write-up of every one. If an artist wants my version pulled, then I’ll gladly do so.

But it feels good to be doing art of any sort again.


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