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Just trying to remind myself that I have this blog, and that I am likely to use it more if I remember that it is here.

Actually, I just remembered something that my wife told me about, and I want to locate the story. What I find interesting is that if you look at the sources, you can find the lie about the LIBERAL media.

Do a Google search for “Jim D. Adkisson” and look at the articles. Make sure that you compare the AP reports with the reports in the Guardian (a UK paper) and Huffington Post. Those last two give information that the mainstream news media doesn’t want you to have.


It makes CONSERVATIVES look bad.

Adkisson walked into this church intending to kill liberals, like his apparent heroes think should be done. His shelves are full of Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly crap. I’ve read some of Coulter’s stuff, and she’s flat out stated that liberals (in her case Democrat and Communist and liberal are the same word) do not deserve to live.

But read the American reports on this crime, and no one can figure out why he did it.

Read HONEST reports, and they tell you about the FOUR PAGE SUICIDE NOTE he left, explaining that he intended to clear some liberals of of a largely conservative area.

But you can’t mention that in the papers, because someone might think that you can’t trust conservatives.

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