Art today, I think.

Pleased to see my little script works. If you check the site daily, you’ll know what I mean if you look at the corner pic.

Back on me feed again today, artwise – lost the old stylus for my Wacom Bamboo tablet, and my colouring went downhill – got the new stylus today and I’m back at work. Nice thing is, when (not if, but when) the old stylus returns, it just means that I’ve got two, and can leave one at work.

I think I’m going to have to see about a small scanner that I can either carry with me or have easy access to. I want to take some of my surviving artwork and scan it in and post it, but it looks as if the two scanners I have available at home don’t work and play well with Ubuntu. I’ll have to check more carefully on that, but I suspect that to be the case. (I personally would like to get the Brother MFC working with Ubuntu, because I can connect to that via the network.)

I’ve access to some of my old websites, I think.


If I do, I can rescue a few of my old drawings.


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