New work week, new stuff

A little bit of everything in this one. Writing-wise, I’m putting out little bits here and there, and having fun trying to write my first contact story. Discovering the fun of passing soft sci-fi past hard sci-fi fans, who want the workings of the drive worked out, even if it’s only ever in my head. I see it more as a “it uses a bunch of power to jump this far, and even more to jump farther”, and don’t know if I need the detail that they want.

But then I remember JKR and all the mistakes she made by not planning this stuff in advance…

Art is slow, because I haven’t had the time to draw, because of the note that follows.

My legs hurt like a sonuvabitch right now, because we spent the weekend rebuilding the outside stairs to the house. One of the treads was loose and bowing up, so we decided to replace it. This led to us demolishing the entire stairway and putting up a new one, which already feels a HELL of a lot sturdier than the old one did.

All we need to do now is buy and install stair railings, because the old ones simply will not fit on the new stairs. That’ll be fun too. (For varying shades of fun, that is.)


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