Where did my cynicism go?

I asked my wife that last night as we watched the Obama speech. I felt something I hadn’t felt for years in an American election. It bodes well for the US if he can get elected.

I felt hope.

Think about that. Twelve years ago, when I was approaching what would become the second term of Bill Clinton, I was told by a man twice my age that I was more cynical than other people he knew who were his age. I listened to Ross Perot and got scared, because I know how people can say the right thing and abuse the very people they’re rallying – and Perot scared me. I’ll not get into BushCheney.

I listened to Hillary speak on Tuesday, and thought that it was a good speech. But I was cynical. I heard some of the other speakers, and they were good. But it was business as usual.

And then I listen to Barack Obama speak.

And an emotion I hadn’t felt in years blossomed.


He rallied the people, and reminded us that the nation isn’t the politicians – it’s the PEOPLE. It’s OUR country, damnit, and eight years is enough.

For the first time EVER, I have contributed to a candidate’s campaign. I don’t do that. If they’re that worthwhile, they’ll get their money from somewhere.

And I contributed. I decided that I needed to stand up and help.

And I’ll likely throw some time at the campaign.

And I’m going to look around to see what’s available in Roselle. If I’m going to make a difference, then just voting isn’t enough. I need to serve the people.

So I’ll see what’s available, and maybe run for local office, even if it’s just a 3rd Ward councilman.

But I’m going to get involved.

And THAT’S all due to Barack Obama and his message of change, and of hope.

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