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Dual booting

Vista runs much faster when it’s not tattling every little thing to Microsoft, I note.

Still runnung in Ubuntu most of the time. Nice to have Windows there for games…I mean, when I need it. *grin*


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An update for those who care about my laptop

It’s back and running properly, and I’ve even decided to make it a dual-boot machine. I usually use Linux, but I am occasionally needing to deal with Vista at work more and more, so I reinstalled Vista onto the thing. Second partition, and not in use as primary.

But it’s there for when I need to do something in Windows proper. Installed the Service Pack as well.

Just need to find out how to disable the automatic reporting of everything back to Microsoft.


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The joy of backups

As Star Trek: Nemesis taught us all – always back up your Data!

Doing this saved me a LOT of heartache over the weekend. I lost, instead of several years worth of work, a mere hour’s worth of writing (and a weekend of rebuilding my laptop).

Working on my laptop this weekend, I had that ohnosecond moment, when I realised that I had done A Bad Thing in trying to partition my USB drive. Even though I very carefully chose the USB drive, I hosed my partition with GRUB and all on the laptop.

That’s right – no luck booting. No joy in finding the partitions. So I erased completely and did a clean install of Intrepid Ibex Ubuntu. (8.10 for the uninitiated.)

Now all I have to do is take my USB drive and move all the stuff I copied the second I got to work back onto the laptop.

And I’ll be off and running once again.

So all in all, not a bad weekend, even if I did have to rebuild my OS from the ground up.

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I’ve given myself the right to complain again

Longest lines I’ve ever seen at our polling place. Dorothy and I usually wait behind one person. We had four or five. The line was actually holding the door open.

For that polling place, that’s unusual.

And do you really have to ask who I voted for? *grin*

I’ve taken flak from my Obama ’08 wallpaper at work. So what? I’m part of something big. ANd when Obama accepts the right to be the first African-American president in the history of the US, you’ll HEAR the walls shattering.

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