The joy of backups

As Star Trek: Nemesis taught us all – always back up your Data!

Doing this saved me a LOT of heartache over the weekend. I lost, instead of several years worth of work, a mere hour’s worth of writing (and a weekend of rebuilding my laptop).

Working on my laptop this weekend, I had that ohnosecond moment, when I realised that I had done A Bad Thing in trying to partition my USB drive. Even though I very carefully chose the USB drive, I hosed my partition with GRUB and all on the laptop.

That’s right – no luck booting. No joy in finding the partitions. So I erased completely and did a clean install of Intrepid Ibex Ubuntu. (8.10 for the uninitiated.)

Now all I have to do is take my USB drive and move all the stuff I copied the second I got to work back onto the laptop.

And I’ll be off and running once again.

So all in all, not a bad weekend, even if I did have to rebuild my OS from the ground up.

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