Too damned long since my last post

I’ve been meaning to post on this or that thing, but it always seemed to be when I was away from a computer, and when I was in front of one, it wasn’t important enough for me to be arsed about writing about this or that thing.

But, I run this blog to get my thoughts out on paper (well, virtual paper, as the case may be), so here’s some stuff about the last month or so.

The wife and I got some very good news about a long-running bill – we’ve made the last payment on it as of December 1, so that will put a little extra money in the pockets. Well, more than a little, to be honest. Maybe, just MAYBE, we can find ourselves at a point where we can afford to do things like taking a vacation to Florida, or maybe get our passports and contemplate harassing … uh, VISITING friends in foreign nations. Got a few in the UK, for example. Love to run into people like Tumshie and Callum and Jeconais if we could. But that’s for about a year or so from now, if at all.

One of my old srevers finally melted down. It was my old RaQ2 server, and I want to see if I can maybe resurrect it some day. In its place, however, I have found a new RaQ4i (I say new because I bought it off eBay and it came in the original box, never having been used, apparently. I’m in the midst of configuring that one to be a development server for me – I want to teach myself things like Ruby on Rails and PHP and a few other computer related things (write my own software at some point, perchance?), and having a development server would be a very nice thing to have. Found directions for installing Ubuntu 6.04 on a Qube (same general gear as the RaQ4), so I’m going to see if that works to get the RaQ up as a server. If not, I’ve got instructions for Debian 3.1. (Either way, I’m going to upgrade it as high as the software will manage.)

I’m still writing – finishing touches on some of my ‘finished’ works, and I’ve got two separate original things which look to be turning into novels. I suspect the second idea will become the first novel I finish – the outline simply EXPLODED out of me. At least 21 separate points to cover, each which will end up with its own chapter, I suspect. If I can manage at least 3000 words per those 21 chapters, then we’re looking at something at least novella sized.

My HP stuff continues apace as well. I’m having fun with a number of various stories, and hope to have them published on the web (my site, of course – not for money).

We’ll see soon if I can keep up on the blogging the way that I should. I hope so.

ETA: By the way – that laptop came back a full week before they said it would. Happiness abounds. *grin*

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