Well, I dodged THAT bullet

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was intending to ghost the 40G drive in my tablet to an 80G drive I have.

Whatever you do, don’t use Ghost 2003 to do that sort of thing.

If you do, then I recommend that you prepare to begin an oddessy of repair to the system.

While trying to recover, I hit the Symantec solution, involving ghreboot.exe and also gdisk.exe. (Make sure that you find the SYMANTEC versions!)

While they have worked for others, they did not for me. So I rebooted with the XP cd in the drive and did a repair.

…or not. FIXMBR took me from "Missing operating system" to something regarding I/O. I followed this with "FIXBOOT".

NTLDR missing.


Luckily, a friend here at work found a wonderful website that deals specifically with the NTLDR problem! (That link will open in a new window, by the way.)

I’m working on the machine that had the problem. Problem solved.

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