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Quick update

Good news: I’ve got all my stories saved in eFiction format from FFA, which will make it easier to move them to the eFiction site I’m using. I’ll start moving those either tonight or tomorrow.

Annoying news: Needed to re-install my Ruby/Rails development setup on my work computer. Blah.

Less annoying – need to set it up at home from scratch on the desktop machine.

Excellent – made a connection with someone who has their own family tree on and we’re helping each other out where we can. I was intrigued to find that I have John Alden and Priscilla Mullins in my tree, in a fairly direct line! (If you don’t know, Google the names – it’ll explain things. Kinda/sorta American “royalty”, if you will.)

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Genealogy for fun

Going through my past and hunting down relatives. It’s interesting seeing the holes in the family, where damned near zero information exists.

But I’ve traced at least one thing all the way back to 1505, which I find interesting.

Going to try to get Dorothy’s tree added, and maybe even offer to house some of Allison’s, if she wants, since I was married to her for a while.

It’s fun, though. I need to contact one of my cousins, who was researching his side of the family, since he should be able to fill in some of my blanks.


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Well feh

Had one opportunity go away, unfortunately, but it’s got me going on others.

I’ve had a few script ideas in my head for a few years, so I’m do a little work on fleshing them out into real screenplays. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to go ahead with it. I’m going to write a few of these out, and see if I might be able to make a sale or two.

Be nice if I could look at people and say “Pay attention in the credits. Look for the name of the writer of the screenplay.”

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Pictures are more difficult than I expected

Looks like I need to either start a Flickr account or install Gallery or something. Since there is a Gallery plugin for Serendipity (and Gallery is a hell of a lot easier to navigate than Coppermine), I’m installing Gallery 2 on my website.

With luck, I’ll have something worth posting (pic-wise) within a day or two.

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Testing the waters

This is the first post I’m trying using Windows Live Writer as my blogging mechanism. If it works, then I’m really going to be glad about it, because it’ll save some time over going to the site, logging in, and clicking on a link to do what I can do now by simply starting WLW.

Let’s hope it works…

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