Finally started to get my sci-fi story off the ground!

No puns intended, mind you.

I’ve got the two other stories that I’ve had edited, I just have to get them submitted. (Actually, I ought to run them past my editor one last time. She’s good, and can always use the money.)

The one I really am working on now is one that’s even got me writing the screenplay for it in my head at the same time. If you think that won’t get confusing…

I’m in one of those situations where I’d really like to talk about the story, but I don’t dare, because someone might read this and decide “Hey, that’s a great story!” and write it from underneath me, since I’m the type who’d go into some detail about where I was going with the story, which would give more than enough data to write it to someone else.

Paranoid? Probably. I doubt my blog has THAT many readers yet, but if I train myself well, it will serve me when my things become breakaway best sellers and I start drawing millions of hits a femtosecond to my site. *laugh*

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