A loss in the HP fanfic world

At least I consider it one.

I got word over the weekend that one of my online friends that I hadn’t heard from in several months had died. It’s been unfortunately verified.

His online handle was fenriswolf, and on a few sites he added a 01 at the end, usually because the site demanded numbers or such. His real name was Brian McCrary, and he apparently spent the last three years very ill.

He was a Harmonian to the core – Hermione was the only girl for Harry, although he wrote a nice little threesome story once, called “With Three You Get Eggroll”. He was remarkably talented as a writer, and I would have liked to seen original work with his name on the spine.

Unfortunately, that will never be now.

May the Valkyrie speed your way, my Asatru friend, and may your afterlife be all you can hope for.

Adeiu. You will be missed.

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