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I remember that my grandmother said, for the longest time, that her grandmother was Blackfoot Indian. But ALL the data I have on that woman (scanty though it is) states that the woman was born in NY. The Blackfeet were never relocated to NY State.

Well, scanning the web again, I found a reference to the Saponi and Tutelo tribes, which lived in in the Virginias and Carolinas for the longest time. But there were historical records quoted that stated that a large number of them had gone north, to Pennsylvania and … New York! The reason this was important? One of the local names for the tribe (before they moved) was Blackfoot, probably due to their agricultural roots and the dark soil in that area.

In heading North, they were adopted into the Seneca and Cayuga tribes. So both my mother and my brother were right when they remembered things – he remembered Grandma saying that she was Blackfoot, and Mom was sure that we were Seneca or Cayuga.

But finding that takes a fruitless search to a difficult one. Much easier to deal with.

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