A new beginning, of sorts

You may have noted the new look and name. I moved back to WordPress as my software, if only because it’s much easier to find updates and fixes for problems. Found a nice conversion process after some Google-fu, and then spent an hour or so converting a major mistake once the process did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do. (In other words, the mistake was MY fault.)

The name change and logo change are a part of the direction change of the site. It was originally something of a lark, where I’d write about my writing and a few other things, and maybe ogle a naked girl as I looked at the site. But due to a few things, I’ve decided to get serious about it.

Hence the change. The quill may be a stereotypical choice when doing a writing blog, but given my finances, it was the cost that I could pay – free to a non-commercial site. The name is from a Hemingway comment, saying that you can write an entire novel in six words, if you choose them carefully. That novel is the new title of my blog.

I will have more news tomorrow. Good news, in fact, and hopefully will have figured out how to post a picture to this blog. It’s a picture I really want to post, and it doesn’t involve a naked girl at all. It does involve Christmas in a way, though, but not in the way you might think.

Until tomorrow!

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