What it takes to get one moving

If you’ve read this blog – and I thank you for sticking with it if you have been, since I don’t update as often as I should – you know that I’ve been published. We’ve had some respectable sales for that anthology.

The publisher has been talking about another anthology for a while, and I’d been writing a story for it. Gotten about 4500 words into it, planning for about 7500, just as before.

And then he sits us with the request that our word count be about 5000 words.

Well, I took a good look at the story that I was 4500 words into, and realized just what a verbose son of a bitch I can be when I’m not editing myself. I’m going through that story right now to pare down. Plus, I think this has cleared up a different issue I was having with it, since I’d gotten stuck at one point. Just change what I was going to do. (Sounds easy, doesn’t it? *laugh*)

Plus, I’m working on at least one other story to make available for the anthology. What I’d really love is to get more than one story in there, but that’s not likely. But if I can give a choice? The best of two or three? Much better chance of being selected for it.

But hey, a guy can hope for getting more than one story to get chosen.

And keep an eye out here – I’ll be starting some posts soon about a process I came across, and I want to blog about it to let you know how I think it works. It’s Karen Wiesner’s “First Draft in 30 Days”, and it looks pretty good.

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