NaNoWriMo stuff and Anthology news

Well, we’re getting close to NaNoWriMo time, and I’m trying to decide what to do. It’ll be an original story, that much I know. The question is – which one? I’ve got Silver and Sea-Foam, which currently sits at just under 17,000 words. That one should be really easy to expand out to novel size. The other one is my sci-fi story set in my Wynd Jaaymeson universe. Working title is currently “Robe of Stars”, but I know that’s going to change.

As for the anthology? My second story is pretty much accepted. I was even allowed to break the 5,000 word mark by permission of the publisher. This should really help me in a later attempt to get published – selling a story once is one thing, but managing a second sale shows a potential publisher that someone liked me enough to buy again.

I’ll see about updating a bit more often during this upcoming month, and during November.

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