I post here far less often than I would like

It largely comes down to working on the stories I’ve got running through my head. I’ve got two stories I’m working on now, one of them being almost a decade old by now. (Actually, it might be older than that.) It’s undergone multiple rewrites in the past, and I realized a while ago that I glossed past a lot of stuff in it. As an example of how I’ve been working on it, the most recent rewrite of it came in at about 16,ooo words. The current point I’m at took me less than 4,000 words to reach the same point. It would be nice if I could get it to 50,000 or more.

I lied accidentally in the previous paragraph – I’ve got three stories I’m working on. (And at no time am I even mentioning any of the fanfiction I still write.) The one I referred to above is supernatural in nature. The other two are science fiction, and are in the same universe as the first short story I ever published.

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  1. Draconin

    I found “A Time to Reflect” on FanficAuthors.net but you say there that it’s an expurgated version with the full version posted elsewhere. Could you please point me to the original? My googlefu is clearly lacking as I’ve been unable to find it.

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